Empowering and Comforting Families Experiencing PPROM

On January 21st, the day after earning their Open Water Scuba Diver Certifications, Yhadird and Julie Odar found out they were pregnant! They joked that they should name the baby 'Coral or something' since the little bean dove with them throughout their training. Sadly, just four months later, their pregnancy ended at 19 weeks due to PPROM (Preterm Premature Rupture of Membranes).

Currently, the existing protocol for PPROM before 24 weeks is to urge termination to avoid complications for the mother. Armed with information from The PPROM Foundation, a baby with a strong heartbeat and a lot of hope, Julie went against that advice and together, Coral and her momma made it 17 days with no measurable fluid before Coral passed away due to a further PPROM complication.

In the wake of their loss, Julie and Yhadird have chosen to speak out about their PPROM diagnosis and loss to raise awareness and funds for the many exciting research and education initiatives working to help babies like Coral survive and thrive! They are committed to building a legacy of hope in Coral's name. 

A message from Julie: 

"Our precious little mermaid Coral didn't have the water she needed here, so she had to go back to 'the waters above'. With your help, we will ensure that PPROM mommas everywhere feel empowered, supported and educated! We hope that one day, through research, a treatment will be found and that PPROM mommas will be able to replenish their waters and bring those little miracles earthside! We hope you will join us!"