Making Waves for Coral

turning the tide against PPROM
an affiliate of The PPROM Foundation

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Julie is a Certified Parent Family Partner and trilingual educator with nearly 20 years experience in public education working with learners of all ages and leading successful interdisciplinary teams. Julie is a passionate advocate focused on improving awareness and outcomes in high-risk pregnancy conditions and maternal mental health. 

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State of Maryland Declares PPROM Awareness Day

Senate Recognizes Maternal Health Advocate

Governor Wes Moore Lights the State House Blue for PPROM Awareness Month

Advocacy News!

On Thursday, March 21st, 2024, Making Waves for Coral and The PPROM Foundation will be honored on the floor of the Maryland State Legislature via Senate Resolution. 

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Book Release! 

When Momma and Daddy find out they are expecting, they think they have everything under control. Little did they know that life has other plans! Daddy gets creative. Momma is nervous. But ultimately, Little Coral ends up right where she belongs!

How do you keep your loved ones close to your heart when distance separates you? Follow Coral and her family on a journey of loving, letting go, and finding the courage to move forward. Inspired by true events, Coral Couldn’t Stay is for everyone who has said goodbye to someone they love--for a little while or a lifetime.

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Making Waves for Coral, an affiliate of The PPROM Foundation, was established in August 2019 by Julie and Yhadird Odar after the tragic loss of their first child, Coral Francesca, at 19 weeks gestation to a pregnancy complication called PPROM. PPROM (pre-term premature rupture of membranes) refers to the rupture of the amniotic sac before 37 weeks gestation, and is the #1 cause of pre-term labor. Between 3-10% of all pregnancies are affected by PPROM and currently there is no known cause, prevention, treatment or cure. Making Waves for Coral aims to raise awareness of this serious pregnancy complication and raise funds for research and family support initiatives through a partnership with The PPROM Foundation. Our mission is to empower and comfort families experiencing PPROM. Together, we can turn the tide against PPROM!

We hope you will join us!